Curbside Classic Capsule: 1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser For Sale – How Much Will You Bid?

I just saw this down on Washington Street. Since it’s for sale and is such a highly desirable and rare item, and I need to run, I’m going to have to the quickie treatment on it; the ten minute (or less) CC Capsule. And, no; I don’t get a commission. It’s just my public service announcement to all you bubble fans.

I’ll jump right to the sign and let it do the talking. The only thing missing is an asking price.

Only the Olds version had the sky-roof, right? So why didn’t they use the venerable Vista-Cruiser name?

My book says the Chevy 305 was standard and the 350 optional. And the Custom Cruiser was a two-year wonder only, so it missed out on the LS-1 engine that late-stage Caprice fans so admire.

Got to love the big booty on these wagons. GM sure knew how to make these things look even bigger than their fairly modest 116″ wheelbase might suggest. That’s several inches shorter than the old Vista Cruiser.

But than that had a forward facing third seat, unlike the rear facing rumble seat here.

So let the (virtual) bidding begin. Who’ll give me a thousand….