Curbside Outtake: Ace is the Place

For those not in areas with Ace Hardware, it’s an American hardware store chain, almost 100 years old and privately held as a store owner cooperative, which has remained viable even in the era of big box stores. Ace has some international stores; in fact according to Wikipedia the largest Ace store is in Indonesia. But in my community, we have two smallish Ace stores which have good inventory and helpful staff, closer than any Home Depot.  Not to mention that both sites are a good place to find CC’s. I found an International Travelette at the Ace that’s further from my home, and a nice Volvo/Mustang pairing in front of my neighborhood store. And it was at the same local store where I spotted this clean but not overdone Advance Design GM 3100 last week [I originally described this as a GMC but have edited it to say “GM”, because although the tailgate carried a GMC logo, reader Patrick Bell noted that the interior and front end badging is Chevrolet].

I peeked inside to see if it had any modern upgrades like an automatic trans, and it looked pretty original with a floor shift (granny gear 4 speed?) and floor-hinged pedals. But it was hard to capture any detail with annoying reflections. As I checked my results on the screen, I found I had also captured another CC, a nice … though not unusual around here … Type 2 Volkswagen. By the way, for those not familiar with Ace, their slogan is “Ace is the Place”. A good place to find Curbside Classics, indeed.