CC Capsule: 1984 Toyota Century (VG40) – Albino? Why, Albi-yes!

White doesn’t rank very high in my personal car colour chart. Which is unfortunate, because Asians in general and the Japanese in particular tend to like white cars, so there are a lot over here. However, white Toyota Centuries are something of a rarity. Well, relatively so anyway, as I’ve caught a couple of other ones for my Singles Outtakes. Will the novelty factor outweigh my personal preferences?

The 1st generation Century had an exceptionally long lifespan (1967-97), and tastes did change somewhat during those years. Ever since the Century’s launch, Toyota offered a selection of alternatives to the standard black, and this included Fuji White. This continued until 1992, when the white option disappeared. In theory, that is, as anyone with the dough and connections to be able to secure a Century could also ask for any colour they wished. But black was the default, and few people who ordered a new Century wanted to be seen in anything else. And if they did, dark blue, dark gray or silver were highest on the list.

Which is a shame, really. These cars can handle a lighter colour quite well. It makes them look less staid – fun, almost. The unusual whitewalls on this one add to the overall look while also showing off that the body is more of a pearl, which was only available on the early model VG40 (1982-87), which ushered the 4-litre V8 , a new front suspension and a thorough facelift.

These earlier VG40s kept the ‘70s era dash – no console on this Century, and no wood veneer, either. That would all come a bit later, when Toyota started feeling that they were losing a few too many potential clients to Rolls and Mercedes.

There’s nothing quite like Japanese luxury, is there? It does feel more like a soft and cushy American approach than the leathery European one, but with its own ambiance. For once, there are no doilies on every surface, so we can truly bask in beige velvet. Glorious.

If there is an entry for the word “pimpmobile” in a Japanese dictionary, they should illustrate it with this Century. In the end, I still feel they look better in black, but the world is always a better place with the odd outlier thrown in. Takes one to appreciate one, right?


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