CC Capsule: 1991 Daihatsu “Supermirafiori” (L200) Walkthrough Van – Good Things Come In Small, Narrow And Tall Packages

This is kind of a Xmas present for Paul, whose love of all vehicles tall and narrow is well documented. In fact, with a red ribbon tied around it and parked under an evergreen instead of a Tokyo street, this would make for a very tidy yuletide package.

The 1990-94 Daihatsu Mira L200 may be quite old now (especially for a kei class vehicle), but there are still quite a number of these about in this walkthrough van variant, which I don’t think was made available on following generations of Mira.

Normally, these walkthrough vans are boring white and generally worse for wear, but this one was pampered. And then I started noticing the little additional touches – especially that grille script, which looked very familiar.

Of course, the Supermirafiori is a trim level Fiat used in the late ‘70s / early ‘80s on their 131 saloons.

I guess the fact that the word includes “Mira” made it irresistible, so the owner of that walkthough van just stuck a Fiat rear end script on his Daihatsu’s grille. Nice.

That was just the start – look at that interior. Not only was is spotless, but the aftermarket seat and gear selector added to the Italian Job theme.

Ooooh, and the steering wheel with the Abarth scorpion, not to mention those coil cupholders – well, say no more! I’m sold!

By the way, though it’s in this superb shape, our sweet little kei van seems to still be working for a living, if these boxes in the cargo area are anything to go by.

On the JDM, these only had a 660cc 3-cyl. good for 40hp, but export versions (a.k.a Mira L201 or Cuore) were fitted with a 45hp 847cc triple, so modest improvement, if desired, is possible.

And now, these are exportable to the US, being over 25 years of age. So Paul, should I find one of these (or this particular one?) and ship it over to your side of the Pacific? Don’t say you’re not tempted!