CC DIY: Taking the Nissan Stagea to Infiniti and Beyond

2005 Nissan Stagea 4WD wagon red fr

Over the past couple of weeks, the CC readership has been blessed not once once but twice with posts on the Nissan Stagea–forbidden fruit to most CCers, but as common as, well, Stageas here in New Zealand, Land Of The Used Japanese Import (“LOTUJI”). Although not sold here new, hundreds–probably thousands–of Stageaii have emigrated from Japan over the past decade or more. They come for the climate and stay for the great roads and the high-octane food! The sheer number of Stageaioux (even my Uncle and Aunt have one!), combined with the sheer number of home-welding kits, means vehicular mash-ups are only a moment away. David Saunders showed us one such mash-up, a gen1 Stagea with an R34 Skyline front clip, but what about the gen2? Can it be turned into a V35 Skyline or Infiniti G35 wagon?

Short answer: yes, yes it can.  But the short answers are never as much fun, so let’s delve into the longer, funner, answer.  The gen2 ‘M35’ Stagea (2001-7) rocked up sharing the V35 Skyline/Infiniti G35 platform. Although a clean-sheet design, gen2 retained gen1’s Volvoesque style. Capacious boot aside, the Stagea is mostly popular with Kiwis because it combines RWD straight-6 or V6 engined wagonly goodness with myriad options. Standard or wide-body (pictured above), RWD or AWD, auto or manual trans, 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5 litres, naturally aspirated or turbo-charged… whatever you desire, there’s a Stagea for you! Unless, that is, you want a Skyline or Infiniti version. But that shouldn’t be too difficult, because these photos I gathered several years ago from the interwebs show the Stagea shares a lot more than the platform.

Okay, the Stagea-Skyline-G35 relationship isn’t quite so obvious from front-on, so turning your Stagea into an Infiniti will be more than a simple grille-swap. But let’s continue comparing other angles.

This front three-quarter comparison shows the front doors and windscreen are shared. Ignore the higher bump strip on the sedan, it’s just a cunning ploy to disguise the common panels.

Looking from behind, I’d wager the inner rear door structure is shared up to window level too. And that fuel flap’s gotta be interchangeable! From this angle the wagon looks like the sedan with its rear half still inside the box. Speaking of inside…

Yup, headrests and minor trim differences aside, she’s all the same in here too–the sedan even scores the wagon’s reclining rear seats, a nice touch.  So there you go, a bona fide Skyline or G35 wagon is but a front clip away!  (Welder sold separately). Okay, a real G35 would need the steering wheel on the glovebox side, but hold your computer up to a mirror and you’ll get the idea!

But what happens if an Infiniti G35 wagon seems too grocery-getteresque for your vehicular requirements? Well, in the earlier WC34-series Stagea, there was a special edition that was factory-fitted with R33/R34 Skyline GT-R running gear. Named the Autech 260RS, these rocket-ships get you home from the supermarket before your ice cream melts (although you may melt a little tyre rubber on the way). However, despite the Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS’s simply awesome name performance, their looks still scream “box-on-wheels.”


So, if you’d like a little more pizzazz for your pizza-getter, may I recommend a WC34 Stagea mashed-up with a C10 Skyline GT-R?


This Skygea/Stagline was built in the late ’00s by Japanese tuning house ‘Roadster Garage’, and although the discordant C and D-pillars are still obvious, the overall look is very well-done. Of course this was a mash-up of an old WC34 Stagea with an even older GT-R, wouldn’t it be nice to have a more up-to-date mash-up?


Pointy end; all the better to go faster with. Onlooker can barely contain excitement.

Yes, yes it would! This V35 GT-R/M35 Stagea mash-up is unspeakably magnificent! And you needn’t rely on my RWD-Nissan fanboiness, as the sheer desirability of this custom wagon from Japan’s ‘Kid’s Heart’ is easily proven by mathematical formula: (R35 +( M35-V35)) = (awesomeness x ∞2).


Blunt end; carries copious groceries home in a convenient manner.  Caution: keep small animals away from exhaust afterburners outlets.

This post started by asking if an M35 Stagea wagon can be easily turned into a Skyline/Infiniti G35 wagon. The answer is yes, yes it can. But, as the GT-Rified Stagea above demonstrates, why go only to Infiniti when you can go beyond?