CC Outtake: 1996 Acura NSX – Just Your Casual Sunday Driver

(first posted 11/26/2017)      Boston’s trendy South End district is an ever-desirable location, featuring numerous cozy bistros, bars, and cafes, a combination of classical brick bow-fronts and modern luxury high-rises that cost a fortune to no one’s surprise, and a wonderful mix of diversity that makes for a very neighborhoody feel less than a mile’s walk from downtown Boston. It’s also home to a very diverse mix of cars, from brand new luxury cars to early-00s mainstream cars to 1990s premium cars. A few exotics can also be found, like this 1996 Acura NSX-T that I stumbled upon while walking to meet a friend for Sunday brunch.

The current Honda/Acura NSX, a $150,000+ hybrid supercar featuring total output of 573 horsepower from its gasoline and electric engines, and a zero-to-sixty time of under three seconds is without a question, a technological marvel, even if it gets lost in a growing field of hybrid supercars. Regardless, most of us enthusiasts will forever associate the NSX with the original, Honda’s all-aluminum bodied supercar which debuted in 1990 and famously benchmarked the Ferrari 348.

These days, original NSXs with more than a few miles can easily fetch upwards of $50,000 — hardly cheap, but decidedly a bargain for a head-turning 1990s supercar, especially when compared to the modern NSX. I can’t say whether it would serve as an ideal daily driver, but the original NSX-T (“T” for targa top) would certainly make for an entertaining Sunday driver.

Photographed in Boston’s South End – November 2017