Cohort Outtake: Commander Gatti’s Famous “Jungle Yacht” Updated

(first posted 11/25/2017)       When I saw this rig posted at the Cohort by Simon White, it reminded me of a somewhat similar one, but built back around the time this Ford truck was still fresh and young, and that had not had its chassis and drive train replaced.

I’m talking about the famous “Jungle Yachts” built by Designed by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky for Commander Atillio Gatti to be used in his African explorations. The motive power was provided by 1937 International trucks. These colorful and luxurious rigs were ahead of their times, and provided for comfortable accommodations for Gatti, his wife and crew. There were two of the Jungle yachts, along with several support trucks, also Internationals.

There’s a number of his films on the web, but not at Youtube or embeddable here. But if you like, check them out here.

Back to the featured rig: it’s a bit jarring, to see the 1935 Ford truck with this more recent Scamp mini-fifth-wheel trailer, but I’m sure it works quite well. Just not quite as colorful.