CC Outtake: Datsun Fairlady(Sports) 2000 – Winter Is Coming.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for family time anyway. As far as the roads are concerned all the fun cars, such as this beautiful Datsun Fairlady 2000 shot by AGuyInVancouver, are getting stowed away for a couple of months until we get fair weather and no salt on the roads again. It only seems fitting that it gets taken for one last run before getting stowed away in favor of more traditional transportation.


Introduced in 1967, the 2000 was but an evolution of the earlier 1600, now sporting a 2.0L engine producing anything between 130-150HP, depending on tune. Datsun was working really hard at getting their image up at the time and Yutaka Katayama, known to us as Mr.K, realized that an affordable two-seater sports car seemed like the ideal way to do it. Especially when they took it racing.


The BRE racing team is perhaps more famous for their success with the 2000’s successor, the 240Z. But the Roadster achieve racing success all by itself. Winning the Southern Pacific Divisional Championship in 1969 with Frank Monise behind the wheel and another divisional championship in 1970, this time with John McComb taking the helm. 1970 was also the last year of production for the 2000, as it was replaced by the 240Z. It was an altogether different concept to the 2000: No convertible option, straight-6 engine, and an optional automatic. I know I’m not going to make any friends with this statement, but the 240Z was to the Fairlady 2000 what the 280ZX 2+2 was to the 240. Bigger, comfier and smoother, although the 240Z didn’t sacrifice a lot in driving dynamics. That would have to wait a couple of years and some increases in engine size.

But let’s not concern ourselves with the Broughamification of the Z for now, let’s just take the time to appreciate this lovely roadster before it goes away for its hibernation and hope it comes back in the spring.