Curbside Classic Capsule: 1977 Toyota Cortez Sleeper Cab Pickup

(first posted 3/27/2011)    For some odd reason’ I find myself drawn to summer time shots this morning, despite their strong shadows. Before the advent of factory extended cab small trucks, there was a serious boomlet in aftermarket jobs. Cut and extend the frame rails; insert fiberglass “sleeper cab” in between.

I call it a sleeper cab, because like the big trucks, you had to crawl back there; no doors. That’s all right; everyone was skinny and limber back then. The woman who owns this one told me it’s a 1977 Cortez, presumably no relation to the Clark Cortez motorhome.

These got their start in the mid-late seventies, and had their heyday, like everything else that was “small”, in the early eighties. Very common, indeed. Always wondered about their structural integrity, especially when I saw one with a big slide-in camper on the back. Make that 20R engine earn its keep!