CC For Sale: 1973 BMW 2002 tii – Beautiful, But Beware!

South Hampton Service in the small town of Hampton, IL, is a real, honest to gosh garage. Oh sure, you can get fuel, a doughnut and cuppa just like any other gas station, but believe it or not, they actually service and repair cars–a rare perk these days. For that reason, this establistment often has some interesting cars on hand–as evidenced by the 1977 Cutlass Supreme Brougham, spotted here, and written up last year for CC. But my most recent find will never be mistaken for a Colonnade Brougham!

How about its opposite? While a ’77 Cutlass was an isolation chamber, silently conveying its occupants in silent V8 comfort and ease, the BMW 2002 was a completely different car. A driver’s car, for sure. Purposeful, zippy and handsome. They were cool!

Thanks to Perry’s post on a much rougher tii, I know the tii–the hot rod of the 2002 line (well, except for the Turbo), debuted in 1972, making this one a sophomore model. Kugelfischer fuel injection was just one of the highlights of the tii’s sporting intent. While mint examples are getting a bit dear, any 2002 is a ball to drive–or so I’ve heard (he says, shrugging and jingling the Lincoln keys in his coat pocket).

I first saw this car parked nose-in with several other cars about a month ago. I was going to stop, but drove on. This has cost me many CCs in the past, but I was luckier this time, for later that week it appeared right out front with a “For Sale” sign on its red flanks.

While my folks and I were on our way back home from the CC Meet in Auburn, we were talking, and the red 2002 tii came up. I commented that that car was quite a find, and I needed to stop by and check it out. Dad then mentioned that it wasn’t quite as nice as it looked. While it ran like a Swiss watch, it was full of filler, and restoring it back to original splendor would take an arm and a leg–as well as a fat wallet.

I was disappointed, even though I had no intent of purchasing it. But I still wanted to check it out, as the only other 2002 I had seen in recent memory was a ’76 model with the rubber baby buggy bumpers, owned by a salesman at a friend’s car lot and written up here two years ago.

Up close, and with the lowering sun glancing off the shiny paint and chrome bumpers and trim, I was surprised that it looked so good. It looked excellent, as a matter of fact. Whoever snags this car should just take care of it, enjoy it, and keep it up as well as he or she can, as new sheetmetal, paint and everything else would only lead to a vaporized checking account.

My dad once had a 1969 Porsche 912 Targa that was much the same. It was owned by a friend, and Dan cautioned him before he bought it: “Don’t restore it. It’s solid and runs great and is a ball to drive, but don’t restore it. Just enjoy it as it is, and you’ll be happier. And so Dad was.

These cars do not exactly grow on trees, particularly in the Midwest, so hopefully whoever gets it will just maintain it, love it and enjoy it.

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