Cohort Outtake: Yes, Cloning This Would Be Treason

Cadillac 1981 Seville Limo

Ok; I don’t know or care (or want to start a discussion about) what the actual political message on this Seville limo found in New York by Triborough is, but I suspect it’s not about the actual car. Still, I’d prefer to think this is a one of its kind, and that there isn’t a clone of it out there.

Cadillac 1981 Seville Limo fr

It seems to be showing some signs of structural instability around the mid-section, or it was just a rather poor stretch job from the beginning. Given the painful choices of engines available in these, hopefully this was one of the early versions which still had the Cadillac 368 or Olds 350 available. I’d hate to think of a limo powered by the 4.1.

Now if only the license plate had the word “sin” added to it.

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