CC Outtake: 1963 Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 Litre – Finally, A Non-Mitsuoka!

I can’t in all good conscience pretend that this post merits more than the CC Outtake tag, because it was one of those cars that was damn near impossible to photograph, so this is going to be a real short one. However, CC has a great big Mark 2-shaped hole in its Jaguar coverage, which is coupled, in no small part due to yours truly, with a plague of Mitsuoka Viewt articles.

So consider this my modest contribution towards a modicum of balance in the CC universe. After all, there should be more Jags than Mitsuokas out there. Maybe not where I live, but on the planet as a whole, the Mark 2s rule.

See what I mean about being impossible to photograph? You can barely make out that glorious row of switches. One of the best dashes of the postwar era ruined by glare. And by that aftermarket steering wheel. Love the gray leather though.

And of course I adore the Mark 2 and all classic (i.e. pre-XJ40) Jaguars in general. How can anybody resist this iconic look, that legendary XK straight-6 – especially the bigger ones – and that gorgeous interior?

So here’s hoping someone out there can score a far more cooperative big cat for an impromptu al fresco photo session and do this amazing car justice. If it’s me, I’ll gladly write it up. In the meantime, I have some real Mitsuokas to worry about.