CC Outtake: 1993 BMW 525i – Reflections At Twenty-Five

Today is somewhat a milestone day for me, as it happens to be my 25th birthday. Now normally I’m not one to make much of my birthday, but turning 25 naturally has me reflecting back on my life a little more than previous birthday, with cars playing an important role throughout. A significant number, it means I’m halfway through my twenties to 30, it also means I’m halfway overall to 50. Twenty-five is generally the accepted age of being “fully adult” from both a legal and social perspective.

25 is also the age of this aptly-engined 1993 BMW 525i, a vehicle which for as many of those 25 as I can remember, I’ve had a profound love and desire for. It’s largely the vehicle I credit with igniting my passion for BMW with, something which is stronger than ever today. In honor of turning 25, there is no other vehicle I can think of to better sums up my lifelong passion for cars this past quarter century.

Especially in the past several years, I’ve been very fortunate to have had many thrilling automobile-related experiences from driving on the Autobahn, the opportunity to drive countless vehicles from beater trade-ins to $100,000+ exotics, getting to own cars I’ve dreamed about, and very importantly, writing here at CC. Vehicles themselves have come along way in the past 25 years, an who knows what the next 25 will look like. At least for the time being, us drivers still have the option to drive ourselves. Here’s to the next 25!

Photographed: Boston’s Seaport District, Boston, Massachusetts – March 2018

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