Cohort Outtake: Finally a Camper for JP Cavanaugh

I’ve been showing you all sorts of self-propelled campers, vans and motorhomes for years now, but has JP Cavanaugh ever shown one? Is he allergic to camping, even the motorized self-contained kind? Well, I’ve finally found the rig that will get him on the road. I’m sure he and Mrs. JPC would love to tour the West in this fine Studebaker motorhome, given the many amenities it’s sure to have, even if it is a bit short on windows.

Of course, if the Studebaker is a bit too cozy, there’s this much roomier Pontiac. Its flathead straight eight is bound to appeal to JP’s love of torque, although it is a GM product. And there’s a Caddy camper too, but it has much too much patina for JP’s taste. The Studebaker’s the one for him.

Bob Ward posted these shots at the Cohort.