CC Capsule: 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R – A Rare Yellow Bird With A Touch Of Porsche

(first posted 11/30/2012)     I see some of you really go for purple-trimmed houses.  That reminded me of another colorful car I shot in front of a purple house (also in the Whiteaker, of course) a while back.  However, this one is anything but a non-runner. According to the badge on the trunk lid, this a quite rare 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R, one of only 5,500 made during a one-year-only run before morphing into the 850R. The T-5R was developed with the help of Porsche and, with 243 hp on tap, was quite the hot brick in 1995. It looks authentic, except for one possible minor question:

The wheels on this example in the Volvo Museum are rather different. Wikipedia says: “The standard road wheel was the titanium-gray, five-spoke 17×7 “Titan”.  Is anybody out there an expert on these?

Realistically, it’s rather unlikely someone would bother to clone a T-5R. This one even has the “Motorsport” emblem just left of the 850 badge. Porsche “co-developed” the specific engine tuning and modifications, the (mandatory) four-speed automatic and other power train components. The 5-TR snapped off sub-six second 0-60 times, helped by a drag coefficient of 0.29. The slipperiest brick ever?

That’s Alcantara trim on the sides of the those famous Volvo seats. The T5-R was advanced in its safety features as well: It was the first production car to be fitted with four airbags.

There were all of 1,975 yellow T-5Rs made for the entire world, and one has found its way to Eugene–and in front of a purple house, no less. And also in front of another Curbside Classic.