Curbside Classics: Two BMW 2002s – God Bless the Weirwolf

I had never come upon a single parked BMW 2002 in my life, and then I found two in two days. My wife and I were on a weekend getaway to Louisville, a terrific little city. We like historic architecture and walking around photographing stuff, and all the better when we can tick both boxes. The historic Old Louisville neighborhood looked like it would do just that, and it did.

This one got a custom paint job along the way, and is missing some of its trim bits. Looks like it’s been well used, but not horribly abused. I’m not sure of its year, but it’s not from 1974 or after. BMW switched to rectangular tail lights that year, and used big 5-MPH bumpers rather than these thin blade units. For that matter, this 2002 is probably not from 1973, either, as BMW inserted a spacer that moved the bumper out a little farther from the body than what you see here. That’s how they accomplished that year’s 2½-MPH rear-bumper standard.

The owner has it registered as a historic car. In Kentucky, that means you can use it only for exhibition in shows and parades, but not for regular transportation.

This owner is a Deadhead.

We found the second 2002 on our way home to central Indiana the next day. We made it a point to stop in Bloomington, Indiana, as one of our sons lives there and we like the Irish pub that’s downtown. This 2002 was parked on the courthouse square.

Given the license plate, anyone want to bet this 2002 isn’t from 1970? Looks like it wears Agave Green paint, which was an official BMW color for the 2002.

The BMW 2002 is a nice, tidy size, with a big, airy greenhouse. They are said to be good drivers even five decades later, with good steering and brakes and passable power.

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