CC Outtake: Workplace Classics Part 2

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As promised, this is the follow-up to my previous blog about CCs at my job. The mouth-watering selection continues…

Unlike the previous batch of pictures, which were taken the 1 1/2-days before New Year’s, these were taken over a two-week period in early February as I patiently stalked the parking lot waiting for the CCs to trickle in, as I knew they would.


First up is this lovely Panther-based Lincoln Town Car, apparently of early-80s vintage. This thing is mint inside and out. The owner of this also owns some other interesting CCs, including a candy-apple red custom ’83 Cadillac Eldorado convertible with white top and interior, and a mid-90’s Ford F150 extended cab shortbed with a slammed ride height, billet grille, Boyds wheels, and a turquoise-graphics-over-white paint job.


Lincoln’s trademark bubble butt. Will we ever see it on a new Lincoln model again?


The owner sadly informed me that the only reason he was driving the Lincoln today was because he had crashed his blinged-out, early-2000s Mercedes 600 coupe just the day before. Let’s hope this gorgeous Dearborn time capsule doesn’t suffer the same fate.


Exhibit B is this slick ice blue ’68 Chevelle. I’ve seen this car up close and the paint, bodywork, and interior are flawless.


Purists will undoubtedly squawk about the plus sized wheels and lo-pro tires, but in my personal opinion, these aren’t too bad. The black centers make them look tastefully understated and not too blingy. To my eyes, they work quite well with the particular shade of blue that this car wears.


The license plate reads “Slow Jams”. After getting a peek under this thing’s hood and hearing it run, slow is the absolute last word that would be associated with this wicked A-body.


This old Dodge is a bit of a mystery. It’s been parked across the street for almost two weeks now, with no sign of the owner. No one seems to know who owns it, whether it’s someone works at our place, or at one of the many other businesses next door, or down across the street. It looks pretty sharp from this angle…


…but the view from this side isn’t quite so pretty. Whether it suffered an unfortunate mishap, or the owner simply hasn’t finished the paint and bodywork yet, I have no idea.


I’m not a big fan of deleted rear bumpers on trucks. While they do provide a sleek appearance, they also detract from the truck’s purpose. How are you gonna hook up that car/motorcycle trailer or rented wood chipper now? Not to mention, driving bumperless in a large metropolitan city like L.A. is just a BAAAD idea.


The final treat of the evening is this lovely ’73 VW Thing, whose new owner sought refuge in our indoor wash rack during an afternoon rain.


Although it’s hard to make out in pictures, the paint and bodywork on this thing (no pun intended) is first rate. The previous owner left no bolt unturned and no detail overlooked in its resurrection.


Those cloth seats look mighty comfy and inviting, belying the Thing’s spartan character.


The business end of the Thing. If you think that shot looks good, feast your eyes on this:


1776 CC. Dual port heads. Dual Weber carbs. Headers. Need I say more?

There’s other CCs lurking around here. There’s a red ’69 Chevelle that occasionally pops up, and the same guy who owns the yellow Eldo also owns a show-quality’58 Chevy Delray two-door and a semi daily driver ’58 Thunderbird. All I gotta do is wait. One of the ladies who works inside sold her ’66 Corvette to a sibling, but she’s trying to buy it back. Maybe one day that car will grace us with its presence.