Cohort Sighting: Solid Gold

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Another recent upload to the Cohort by triborough, I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful two-tone gold and brown 1984 Celica GT because, well, I like it.  I never thought these were particularly beautiful cars, but it’s quite nicely preserved and has some of the nicest steel wheels around.  I wasn’t hanging around the styling studios when Toyota penned this very square shape, but get the idea that conveying masculinity and aggression on a budget were the goals.  But beyond meeting those two objectives, they didn’t create an end result which was particularly elegant or timeless.  Especially in notchback form, it was an inferior effort compared to its CALTY-designed predecessor.

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Did the people who bought these cars necessarily care?  It’s hard to say, thirty years later.  Competing against the all-American Camaro and Mustang, it would make sense that Toyota would go for brashness.

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Not that this car’s present day owner would fit that description.  If anything, such a person probably recognizes how well this car defines its era and has an eye for design.  Such would seem to characterize many in the now-gentrified city where this car resides.

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These New York registration stickers were my a real boon during my formative years as a car spotter.  Note the “2DSD” bodystyle description.  In this case, two door sedan is rather inaccurate but generally, this–not coupe–is a more appropriate descriptor for the majority of two-door cars.