Storage Yard Classic: Volkswagen based Oddity

VW Custom 1

Let me know if you have heard this one … a geodesic dome, a Volkswagen and an armadillo walk into a bar … this custom creation could be the punchline. This strange but oddly appealing monster lived among the other occupants of the oddball storage yard. It could have only come from the kit car and van crazed 1970s.

VW Custom 2

Let me first off apologize for the quality of the photos. A fence as well as other vehicles didn’t allow any great shooting angles. The snow didn’t help either. This shot is as good as it gets for the front end.

VW Custom interior

Sadly the interior was completely trashed denying us an inside view into its heyday. A three spoke steering wheel with circle cut outs was pure sport back in the 70s and early 80s. Or at least it seemed so to my young eyes at the time. I’ve heard they fell out of favor after people kept getting their fingers stuck in the spokes. Not sure how real that injury risk is but it is probably much less than that exposed chain connecting the wheel to the steering gear below. The central driving position remains rather novel today with only a handful of vehicles ever adopting it. Check out the wheel well intrusion.

VW Custom rear

Powering this creation was the usual flat four engine which was long gone but the transmission was still intact. A collection of seemingly random trailer lights handle the rear lighting and indication duties. The four bolt wheels indicate that Beetle fans can rest easy knowing that a classic 50s or early 60s Bug didn’t give its life for this.