CC Capsule: Ford Model A Roadster – Ready For 2113

CC 199 003 1200

If any really old car will still likely to be found on the roads in 2113, it will be a Model A Ford. I simply can’t imagine a time when they won’t grace our streets with their impeccable perfection on so many levels (I called it the “Best Ford Ever, if not the Best Car Ever” in my CC). It’s a car that seems to find one generation of faithful owners after another; hard to see that ending, as well as the ready availability of parts and support. The only question is whether there will still be gasoline available in 2113.

CC 199 002 1200

More than likely. Will folks still be allowed to drive their cars, or will they all be autonomous? Maybe there will be kits to convert Model As. Having the skills to drive a Model A in 2113 may be as rare as driving a team of horses. Some will take up the challenge, and be rewarded amply.

CC 199 005 900

No navigation system. Will anyone know how to get anywhere without one in 2113? And how to shift an un-synchronized three speed box?

CC 199 008 1200

Will the Model A’s 200 cubic inch flathead four be able to keep up with the autonomous electric pods? It was a brisk car in its day, especially in its two lower gears.

CC 199 011 900

Here’s the real question to ponder: will Ford still exist in 2113? Or will the pods all be made by Whirlpool or Haier? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Or not.  But I know there will still be some Ford Model As around. Some things are practically immortal.

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