Ten Years Ago Today–CC Instant Replay: My Cornucopia Lunch-Time Walk And Talk

(first posted 2/22/2011)   It was one-thirty,  I was hungry and in need of a walk and time to reflect on this crazy past week. Head for a good burger; actually the best burger in town, at the Cornucopia, about ten blocks from my house. A Fairmont Futura coupe I’ve never seen before greets me a couple of blocks away. Nice, but I just did that, so save it for another time, and instead do something different today: just shoot whatever I find and put them up as soon as I get back. Why?

Because I’m greedy, and I need to share more. I keep shooting way more cars than I have time to write up, and I’m sitting on a cornucopia of them, some of them two years old!  I keep imagining getting to them all, giving them the full CC write-up they all deserve. But at this rate, I’ll never catch up unless I’m sentenced to house arrest for a couple of years. Like this nice Isuzu P’up pickup with a set of stripes I’ve never seen before just across the street from my destination.

So I’m sitting at the Cornucopia, where one of the waitresses drives this former CC Trans Am. A welcome ray of sunshine falls on my face, dulling my brain while I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to really run this web site…ooh, a ’69 Plymouth Fury just drives by…it’s ok, I’ve already shot it. Anyway, CC is just over a week old, we had 3,000 views yesterday, and I’m still trying to establish a rhythm. More long-format stuff? More blogging from the web? More Outtakes? Histories? Or just pictures, like these today?  Well, there will always be more CCs.

Now I need to walk off that hefty grass-fed burger, and decide to make my usual quick loop up to Skinner Butte and back. Of course I’m committed to doing as many proper Curbside Classics as possible, but some just don’t make the grade, like this interesting corrugated roofing home-made camper shell. Nice, but it speaks for itself.

There’s also the ongoing issue of what constitutes a CC. I was attracted to this Regal Gran Sport because it’s one of the better exponents of GM’s clean but very anodyne styling of this period. Is this a candidate?

I’ve got a chunky file of El Caminos, but I’ve seen this one sitting half hidden in a driveway for ages, and it’s eluded me so far. Success! The owner needed a fresh bottle (Oregon has state liquor stores; hiss, boo!), and I caught him at the right moment (he graciously stepped out of the picture with his brown bag). This will make a good ingredient for an El Camino CC, so consider it a preview.

Now I’m faced with another distraction. Bob Marcherione’s superb Sports Car Shop just happens to be on this regular route, or did that have something to do with it becoming the regular route? Sales, service and restorations of the most delightful exotics are his specialty, and we’ll pay him and some of his cars a proper visit very soon. Today I pop in and notice that the hoods of three Austin Healey 3000s are open, each with different carburation. Can’t resist that opportunity. This is the stock twin SU setup that the later 3000 convertible used.

Now some of his superb cars are coming to CC, but shall I call them Curbside Classics? Not exactly “found sitting moldering on the streets”. Interested, or does it stray from our mission? Is there one other than to have fun with cars?

Since I’m just giving out nibbles from the Sports Car Shop today, here’s dessert. An AH 3000 engine with a custom triple-Weber setup and a delightful equally custom alloy valve cover. Yummie!

I make a quick ascent of Skinner Butte, cross the tracks, and head back by the county jail. One of the deputies drove something other than the usual pickup truck, or is this fenced off area a parking lot for those inmates that drive themselves to jail to do their time? I think the latter, but it’s off limits, so I can only shoot the ’67 Bonneville through the fence. Nice, but that’s not good enough for a proper set of CC pics.

There a gazillion of these GM A-Bodies about, but this is nicer than average. And it has a refreshingly short name for a Cutlass: Cutlass Cruiser S. No Classic, Brougham, Supreme or Ciera. Just Cutlass Cruiser S. Best Cutlass name ever?

Another K-car, a face-lift Reliant. Been there…the only reason I shoot it is because of that nice purple and green backdrop.

I don’t generally do cars-on-the go shots, but I don’t recognize this particular old 145 Volvo survivor…

Now, this outing is not to show off all the CCs on this walk; there are many I’ve shot already. But it’s just a sample of how my files keep getting bigger. I suppose many of these could be Outtakes alone. Would that be better; lots of short Outtakes rather than this long (tiring?) walk? Oh, and here’s a couple that I’ve not seen before, because they’re hiding in this alley which I never took before. There’s always something left to discover, fortunately.

I’m heading into my neighborhood now, and there’s a couple of blocks along the way that are perpetually good for twofers, threefers, and even fourfers.

I’ve neglected this Corolla for ages, but the blossoms on this bush catch my attention, as they’re rather color-coordinated. Spring is in the air, sort of. And I’m sorting things out, sort-of. Now to get back to writing that CC I left half-finished.