Fieldside Classic: 2011 Valtra T202 Direct TwinTrac – You Can Have It Both Ways

Valtra is a manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery with production facilities in Finland and Brazil. In 2004, Valtra became a fully owned subsidiary of the globally operating AGCO company. Prior to 1998, the tractors were sold under the Valmet brand name. From 1998 to 2001, the tractors’ transition name was Valtra Valmet. The Finnish Valmet company started to build tractors in 1951.

Valtra’s T-series was introduced in 2009, this model is powered by a Sisu 74CTA turbodiesel with an intercooler. An inline-six engine with a displacement of 7,368 cc and a maximum power output of 190 hp @ 2,200 rpm.

The tractor features Valtra’s Direct stepless transmission, as introduced in 2008.

Here’s the right side of the front drive axle. Besides farming, the high-quality Valtra tractors are also widely used in forestry.

According to the information I found on the tractor, its towing capacity is 32,200 kg (70,989 lbs).

And now to the interesting TwinTrac-part of the model designation. Turn the seat 180 degrees and you’re sitting behind another steering wheel and an extra set of pedals. You can have (and drive) it both ways, safety and good ergonomics in the best Scandinavian tradition.

Valtra tractors, and previously Valmet, come in multiple colors. I’ve seen them in orange, blue, red, silver, black and now in this shade of green.

Oh look, another AGCO family member. A French built (that’s right) Massey Ferguson 7720 S. We’ll have a closer look at that more recent machine later.