CC Outtake: Mercury Zephyr Z-7 – The Other Zephyr

We got a good dose of negativity the other day here about Lincoln’s reuse of the Zephyr name, even though they used it first. But obviously, most folks are going to think Mercury Zephyr, although I suspect a lot of people don’t even remember even that very well. It’s not like many are left; I was quite happy to see this survivor the other day.

It’s certainly distinctive in today’s traffic, or parking lots, especially its roof and rear end. They don’t make them like thta anymore, by a long shot.

The sign of the Z. based on the dual exhausts, I’m assuming there’s a V8 under the hood.

The front seat is pretty intact still.

Unlike the back.

Very different indeed from all of these hatchbacks. My, such long overhangs you have…