Tractor Show Classics: 2016 Ewijk Festijn – Special Guest: John Deere


Many classic John Deere tractors showed up at the recently held Ewijk Festijn (a classic vehicle show and fair), neatly lined up alongside the road. But there was more to see for the classic agricultural machinery enthusiast…


Like this 1961 Deutz D25 with a 25 hp air cooled 2-cylinder Deutz diesel engine. Deutz-Fahr is the current name for the farm tractors, all equipped with a water cooled Deutz engine.


1959 David Brown 950 Implematic, 40 hp from its David Brown 2.7 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine.


A Ford. All I can say about this one. To Mr. Ed Stembridge and all other Ford tractor enthusiasts out there: feel free to tell us more about it.


Fordson Super Major. The final Major model, built from 1960 to 1964 in Dagenham, UK. After 1964 the Fordson name was dropped and all Ford tractors were also badged as Ford.


1958 Feldmeister with an 18 hp MWM (Motoren Werke Mannheim) diesel engine.


Eicher Leopard with a 981 cc single cylinder air cooled diesel engine, type Eicher EDK1, good for 16 hp. The Leopard model (watch the front suspension) was built from 1960 to 1966. Other predator and animal names that Eicher used were Panther, Tiger, Königstiger, Puma, Büffel and Mammut. However, the biggest Eicher tractor of the series was called Wotan.



Two fine examples of the legendary and highly successful Lanz Bulldog tractors, built by Heinrich Lanz AG from Mannheim. The older types, like the ones above, are famous for the horizontal single cylinder two-stroke hot-bulb engine. These engines could run on a wide diversity of low-grade fuels. Its production started in 1921 and in 1956 John Deere bought Lanz, initially selling the tractors as John Deere-Lanz.


In 1984 the last Volvo BM (Bolinder-Munktell) farm tractor left the factory. Above a T800, a model built from 1966 to 1978. Inline-6 Volvo D50 diesel engine, displacement 5,130 cc. The 5,480 cc Volvo D60 engine was used in the final years of the T800’s production run. And what a sweet sound these 6-cylinder diesel tractors make…


The Ford 7000 was built from 1971 to 1975, it has a 94 hp 4-cylinder turbo diesel. Ford Blue & White, simply wonderful.


The Lanz Bulldog D4016 Volldiesel (diesel only) was built from 1956 to 1960, 40 hp from its horizontal single cylinder two-stroke 4,222 cc engine with a thermosyphon water cooling system. Easy starting thanks to two glow plugs.


Hanomag, another high-quality -and extinct- tractor brand. Above a 1960 Hanomag R324SA.


The Hanomag’s Schmierplan. I think Lubrication Chart is the correct translation.


1956 4wd MAN Ackerdiesel. From 1921 to 1962 the Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg also built farm machinery, the old company is best known for their big diesel trucks.



This Unimog is a tractor alright.


1974 Massey-Ferguson 158, its first owner was a French farmer.


On the right a 1966 McCormick D-219.


1954 Kramer K15 with a 15 hp 1.25 liter 2-cylinder water cooled MWM diesel engine. On the left a Fendt fix 1. The fix 1 model was built from 1958 to 1960 and could be ordered with an air cooled or water cooled MWM engine.


1958 John Deere 730 Diesel with its legendary 2-cylinder horizontal in-line engine.


John Deere 200 with a matching crane.


Mean looking beast, this 1975 John Deere 6030 with an 8.7 liter inline-6 turbocharged intercooled diesel engine.


We end the tractor tour as we started it, with a John Deere line-up.