Welcome To GM’s Deadly Sins Fest – The Ghosts Of GM Past Will Haunt Us All Month

the-deadly-sinsThe Deadly Sins by Kris Kuksi


Halloween – the perfect day to kick off CC’s GM’s Deadly Sins Month. The GM DS series started on June 16, 2009 back at TTAC,  and it hasn’t really ended. There’s 25 as of the time of this writing, maybe more by the time the series finishes. We’d need just five more to make the month complete; maybe you have some suggestions?

Actually, the series will start tomorrow, so that each number sin corresponds to the day of the month. But perhaps we can reflect a bit on the task at hand.  What exactly qualifies a car to be a GM DS? Any car that didn’t specifically counter GM’s downward spiral. Here’s the key issue: having a car be called a DS does not mean that it was necessarily a truly bad car. It’s not reflection on any given car to be wholly lacking in qualities that were attractive to some or many.

But GM’s decline was wholly the result of its cars; that’s what it was supposed to be in the business of making. And unless any given car was able to strongly counter (subjectively or objectively) GM’s decline, then it was part of the decline. That’s a bit harsh, perhaps, and clearly we’ve tended to chose those cars that were relatively more deadly than others.

Having said that, let me add that obviously there are personal, subjective, emotional and even humorous aspects to documenting GM’s decline. Which is where you come in, with your comments and your contributions with alternate points of view. We’re here to learn, but a chuckle or two along the way never hurts, especially on such a painful subject. Trick or Treat!