Monday Mileage Champion: The Über Alles Ranger


430,625 miles

Quite a few of us won’t drive that far in a single lifetime. However two owners of a 1996 Ford Ranger decided to tag team their efforts and make this ride a true hauler.


This Ranger XLT was driven 210,212 miles before the second owner took the reins of this mini-beast.

Now normally, a truck like this one would last anywhere from 50k to perhaps another 75k with that second owner before succumbing to some type of wear related fatality.

A bad transmission. A blown head gasket. Maybe the onslaught of neglect, abuse and rust would have finally done her in.


Not this Ranger. The second owner from Frederick, Maryland (think Washington DC ex-urb) likely had a long commute and a high regard for a truck that truly deserved such a devoted owner.


That loyalty and dedication translated into another 200,000+ miles of travels. The Ranger’s basic mechanicals were definitely part of that question. The 2.3 Liter dates all the way back to the 80’s and the 5-speed in it was likely at a break even point back when Broncos and Aerostars were still on the new car showroom.

Special kudos should be given to the two owners who were able to make this truck’s two time 200,000 mile plus journey a reality. If anyone would like to share their experiences with a long mileage hauler, please feel free. The week is young!