CC Outtake: Could Be Us

CC 202 088 800

If I said that was Stephanie and I out for a spin in our new toy, I’d almost believe it myself, given the similarities in looks (and her being bundled up in a scarf; she doesn’t like lots of wind in her hair).  Even more so since I’ve always wanted an early Jeep; there’s something so utterly elemental about them, like the Ford Model A.

And then there’s the fact that I used to pretend to be one when we went on long walks in Innsbruck as a wee lad. Actually, in town I would be a street car, with a stick in my hand to rub along the walls of city buildings with which to get my electricity, accompanied by the authentic whine of an electric motor. But as soon as we hit the edge of town and headed up the steep slopes, I’d turn into a Jeep, and there would be lots of lip-farting engine sounds and shifting of gears. Yes, that could be me.