Trackside Classic Video: Willamette & Pacific Short Local With Caboose – The Full-Scale Toy Train

The Willamette and Pacific is part of a group of short lines controlled by the Portland and Pacific, operating on  various branch lines of the former Class 1 railroads in Oregon. I see it running local trains on the former BNSF tracks alongside hwy 99 as drive out to my favorite home improvement store.

Today I caught this extra-short train, which reminded me of so many beginner toy train sets that came with about the same number of cars, and a caboose too. I don’t know why the W&P still runs cabooses, but they do. Locomotive 2333 is a GP-39-2, a former Santa Fe unit.

In addition to this short video, I have some shots that I took a few years back.



Number 1801, an elderly GP-9E, is rolling some coal as it heads out of the yard with a load of logs headed for one of the mills; Seneca, most likely.

At another intersection further north, I caught it again.

Here’s 1803, another GP-9E, and 1801 taking a break.

I love the paint job on these two old high-hood Geeps, especially the “Radio Equipped” sign on the hood of 1801. Lionel, anyone?