Cohort Outtake: 1989 Reliant Rialto For Sale in Paris – Good Luck With That

The CC Cohort continues to attract and collect a huge range of vehicles, from the ultra-desirable, intriguing, ordinary but lasting and just plain, well, odd. Like this – a 1989 Reliant Rialto hatchback, in Paris.

Shot by Benoit, the Rialto was the 1980s generation of the enduring Reliant 3 wheelers, taking over from the Robin and earlier Regal. Like them and the four wheeled Kitten, it had a steel chassis and glass fibre composite body shell and panels, an 850cc four cylinder engine traceable to the Austin 7 and a four speed gearbox. As new cars went in 1989, this was the bottom of the pack, alongside the last few Eastern bloc cars offered. Value against, for example a lightly used Fiesta, was slight.

Benoit saw this car in Paris, where it was (still is? Has a Frenchman bought it?) advertised for sale, and claimed to be unique in Paris. The advertisement highlights the lack of corrosion due to the construction, availability of spares, a sunroof, 120km/h (70 mph), just 60,000km and Bluetooth.

Yours if you want it. Good luck – I think you’ll need it.