CC Outtake: Charles Comes to Visit

I’ve seen this bus around our neighborhood for years, and probably showed it to you before. But one fine sunny fall day while I was working on my van, it appeared in front of our house. Is this person going to camp here for a few days?

Not to worry…

I met its owner Charles when he asked if he could pick up some of the fallen apples from our tree. Sure!

And if he could have some scraps of wood laying around from my project. Sure! And then he offered to clean up the front yard a bit. Sure! And I gave him a $20 bill for his effort.

And then we chatted some, and eventually he explained some complicated details of his life and asked if I could possibly run him down to the library downtown, as his bus wasn’t quite in the mood, or something like that.  Sure…

He’s an intelligent person, but obviously marches to his own drummer.

And the bus was gone later that day.