Automotive History Tidbit: The Morris Minor Got New Fenders and High Headlights Because of the US

I always knew that the original Morris Minor MM, which went into production in 1948, had low mounted headlights. And that the Series II, which came out in 1952, had high mounted headlights. But what I didn’t know is that MM’s were fitted with new fenders and high headlights starting in 1949 for export to the US, where regulations did not allow the low ones.

The brown convertible on the bottom picture is a very rare 1949 US export version. Apparently only three survive; two are derelict and this one has been restored. It was being offered for sale in 2017 for $18,000.

So it was US regulations that was the original impetus for these fenders and high headlamps, and apparently Morris thought they looked better and were soon adopted for all Minors starting with a run of four door saloons in 1951 September 1950 and the rest of the range starting in January 1951.

You learn something new every day, even minor little tidbits like this.