A Cornucopia of Craigslist Classifieds – The Ft. Collins, Colorado Edition

Our latest stop for random cities around the United States is Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Ft. Collins has a population quite close to that of Eugene, Oregon, which we visited previously.  It is also a place where Mrs. Jason and I spent the night during a trip in 2010.

We went there because all the motels in Cheyenne, Wyoming were full.  The hotel was forgettable although the morning carbohydrate buffet was not forgettable as I was able to witness the Rabbit Family.  He jumped around all over the place and she appeared to have….well, we all know what rabbits sometimes do to their young.

Ft. Collins has a small but fine selection of tempting vehicular treats upon which to feast such as this amazing 1959 Plymouth Suburban wagon.

While advertised as having 840,000 miles (which could be quite likely given its age), it has at least had a heart transplant.  It’s running a 318 from a 1970 model Plymouth.

Much like Eugene, a potential buyer from the List Of Craig has a veritable smorgasbord of pickups from which to choose.  There are some good ones for sale, especially this 1986 Ford F-150.

Unlike the one we saw in Eugene that had had height enhancement surgery, this one remains stock.  Also better than the one in Eugene is this one has a decent engine under the hood – a fuel-injected 302 cubic inch V8.  Not a powerhouse by any stretch but not a lump of agonizing torture, either.

With 160,000 residents, many in Ft. Collins likely don’t need a pickup but could use something for some periodic hauling.  Datsuns like this 1979 model 210 (didn’t Chevrolet use that same name in the 1950s???) would be terrific for that purpose.

Apart from being confused about its color, this Datsun looks fantastic.

But some people like to think outside the box and that wagon was, well, a box.  Sometimes you have tall loads that could better be serviced by this fabulous 1979 Ford Ranchero.

This Ranchero has it all – stacked headlamps, a proper 351, the curvy hips of the most delicious Ford Torino, and best of all –

Comfortable seats.  Were do I sign up?  I had a 1974 Ranchero for a short while and it wasn’t anywhere near being the temptress this Ranchero is.  Day-um!

Winning the award for Too Much Information is this 1986 Toyota Corolla diesel.  I shan’t repeat such things, so click the link and find out for yourself.  It takes a lot of fortitude to write such a thing as that!

Some cars are well linked to various professions.  One such car is this 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.  For years, these Fifth Avenues have seemed like the ultimate car for real estate professionals. They go as well together as peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and rum and coke.  A true match if ever there was.

This one would be a goody too; its 318 has been upgraded to having a four-barrel carburetor working into dual exhausts and twisting a driveshaft hooked to a rear axle sporting 3.07:1 gears instead of the ludicrous factory gears in the 2.2:1 neighborhood.

If ever a car screamed bad-ass, it would be this Fifth Avenue.  Even the dual exhaust is being dumped in front of the rear wheels.  The only way this Chrysler could be better is if a 440 sat under the hood.

While not every car can have the raw magnetism of that Chrysler, others still do a darn good job of making a strong, positive impression.  A Mini wagon really can’t help but do anything else and it would be a blast to buzz around Ft. Collins in this right-hand drive Mini.

I would enthusiastically learn to shift with my left hand if offered a spin in this Mini.

Can you think anything more the opposite of the Mini than this Dodge Macho Power Wagon?  I’m not wanting to dwell on pickups, but this one was simply too good to overlook.

If one believes in frequently inaccurate stereotypes, it would seem Colorado is crawling with Subarus.  If it is, people are keeping them as there was a grand total of one advertised at the time I looked.  With the pictures of it being lousy, here’s the opposite of a Subaru – a 1964 Buick Wildcat.

We must always have the obligatory GM product in articles such as these plus this one sounds like its had some recent love slathered on it.

In Indianapolis, we found a Merkur XR4TI; there’s another in Ft. Collins.  This one appears to be in a bit better shape.

Stay tuned for more of our journey for finding cars under $6500 and older than 1990.  Where will we go next?  Galveston, Texas?  Biloxi, Mississippi?  Chattanooga, Tennessee?  Mankato, Minnesota?