Cohort Outtake: Italo-American Midget Roadster With Sidecar

This may well be the oddest vehicle to be posted at the Cohort, in this case by Staxman. So what are we looking at? (In the foreground, as the one in the background is more than a bit odd too).  I’ll tell you what I see, and then maybe you can tell us what you see.

I’m seeing the back half of a midget racer, or at least a replica of one, but the bus-like angle of the steering wheel looks authentic. The rear wheels, don’t, so who knows about the axle. Moving forward, the parasitic appendage grafted onto its side looks like an aftermarket motorcycle sidecar. But this is a first, in terms of seeing one used to double the seating capacity of a monoposto. A midget racing driver’s ed car?


From this side, we can see that the rear wheels have full-enclosing fenders at the rear; the other one has been removed.

Ah; here it is. An dit’s licensed to a museum. The Museum of Automotive Oddites?


Here’s the view from the front. There’s an Alfa Romeo emblem on the nose cone, which looks more Lotus 7 than midget racer. And the engine is indeed a classic Alfa DOHC four. The front suspension is by double wishbones and coil-over springs. And there’s headlights. That’s what I see.

What do you see?