CC Art Project: The Flowers Are Blooming

These flowers bloomed recently in my back yard, with a little help. It’s curbside because the “flowers” were all found on the side of the road, over a period of weeks. The “stems” are an old garden hose we were pitching and the “leaves” are jig-cut from an old green plastic bin. The pot is the only thing I actually bought, and drilled holes in the bottom.

I’m a car guy, my wife isn’t, but believe it or not, this was her idea. She got the concept on the internet where she’s always looking at some book about faces. Getting the hubcaps was a fun scavenger hunt for her and our 6 year old. I loved the idea and was only too glad to put it together, it adds a nice (car-themed!) feature in the back yard.

Bonus: If you like those games where you spot the differences between two pictures, there are 5 clear changes between the first and second picture.

Bonus bonus: Four of the hubcaps are factory stock. Which ones and from what brands (no fair zooming in to see the center logo)? If you can specify models, you are a true superstar (and I don’t know the answer).