Craigslist Classic: 1990 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Brougham – I Got It At Gustafson Oldsmobile!


(first posted 9/24/2014)     I’ve done my ode to the 1985-90 C-body Olds Ninety-Eight already, but I had to share this find, as it is a real time capsule, exceptionally sharp, and you could buy it right now if you wanted to! Yes folks, this fine luxury sedan is sitting in Cedar Rapids, IA at this very moment, waiting for a caring new owner.


This was the last year for the generation introduced in 1984 as ’85 models. Early C-bodies did have some teething problems (customers as beta testers, a Roger Smith-era specialty), but by about 1987 most of the bugs and glitches had been worked out, and these were fine cars. Comfortable and reliable–and spacious!


Yes, in 1990 you could get steering wheel-mounted radio and temperature controls! Very handy. Automatic climate control, leather-wrapped steering wheel. This one has the digital dash too! All the toys.


And I for one love this car’s squared-off lines, both inside and outside. No melted plastic school of design in this domestic automobile! The navy blue paint and very attractive navy blue leather makes it even better!


And to placate those who would draw the line at rattly wire wheel covers and whitewalls, you have nice clean blackwall tires and the classic “lacy spoke” alloy wheels. So when you take this car through the curves, you will not once have to be concerned about a flying wheel cover sailing off into the woods or off a cliff! That, my friends, is a true luxury.


I really liked the final 1989-90 version of this car, with the alloys, flush headlamps and flush hood ornament, but still with plenty of chrome. And I even kind of like that “Crown Landau” top! Just adds to that hearty American flavor, like some sauteed mushrooms on top of your steak.


Again: Love that navy blue leather. If I got this car I would love to take a nap in the back, or read the paper and sipping a gin and tonic, while someone else was driving. Why does every modern luxury car have to have the pseudo-sport sedan style? I like this classic pleated leather so much better.

1990 Oldsmobile Full Size Prestige-36-37

One final note: Don’t forget that this car came with the vaunted 3800 V6. Smooth, quiet and reliable. Combined with a smooth ride and comfy leather upholstery, you couldn’t beat a new Regency Brougham back in 1990! And when will you see another one as nice as this one? If I have convinced you of this Oldsmobile’s merits, head on over to this car’s CL page and check it out. I hope whoever gets it keeps it as nice as it is! Tell them Wade sent ya, dontcha know!


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