CC Artifact: Anyone Want A 1958 Minnesota Centennial Sticker?

Many years ago at the tail end of a business trip to Minneapolis I was invited by a couple business associates down there to attend an important event over in Wisconsin.

To save on airfare flying home on Sunday evening was much cheaper than on a Friday afternoon. Even with the cost of a hotel room and meals. So the invite to the dirt track on Saturday was more than welcome. Bruce, whose company sold our packaging in the US mid-west, would give me a ride and return me to the hotel in the evening.

While at his residence before we drove to the Wisconsin track I looked over his cars, parts and memorabilia. Bruce would soon be selling off all that he had as a divorce was on the horizon. One item he gave me was a Centennial sticker for Minnesota’s Centennial in 1958. This unique gift has been in safe storage among my automotive brochures and other car stuff but lately I’ve felt guilty about keeping an historic relic that rightfully belongs in the possession of a Minnesota car buff.

They say “nothing in life is free” but there is; this Centennial sticker to the first car buff from Minnesota who sends me an email. I’ll pay for the postage and ensure it’s safely packaged for the mail system. You can reach me at