CC Outtake/QOTD: Dry-Docked, Permanently – Have You Ever Been Afflicted With Boatitis?

In my explorations of Eugene’s alleys, I often stumble into old cars left to rot with the blackberries threatening to engulf them. But at the dead end of this little alley,I found something different. And it reminded my of how many have succumbed to old-boat fever, with many never recuperating. At least this one is fiberglass and not wood.

It reminds me of the guy down the alley, who shortly after retiring bought a vintage wood cabin cruiser, in bad shape, natch, and installed it in his alley driveway to begin its restoration. I used to hear him back there, with a a grinder or sander, hopefully not inhaling the toxic dust he was releasing.

After an ambitious start, he petered out some six months or so into it. By peering over the fence gate, I could see he had only gotten far enough to keep uncovering more and more rot. The boat sat for a couple of years, and then one day it was gone, shortly later to be replaced by a new camper-van.

Have you ever had boatitis? Did you recuperate?