CC Capsule: Monday Morning Rarities – 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

1979 Cadillac 3

While North American readers probably (used to) see these every day of the week, Cadillacs have never been common in Australia, and its angular shape stood out among a row of modern cars.  I don’t think that they were assembled in Australia when other North American/Canadian cars were, up until 1968, but up to the era of this car they were still imported by third parties in small but consistent numbers.

1979 Cadillac 1

This car would seem to have been in Australia since it was new, judging by the registration number.  The red label in the centre of the plate indicates the car has an LPG conversion, as an advisory to emergency services personnel.

1979 Cadillac 4

This time I have a photo of the interior, or at least as much of one as I feel comfortable taking in a public street, showing the right-hand drive layout.

1979 Cadillac 5

It seems that the dashboard is fairly symmetrical which would have made the conversion easier.

1979 Cadillac 2

Clearly this car has been cherished by its owner and I would not be surprised if it is still owned by the original buyer.  A good choice as a car for (not of) a lifetime!


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