CC Outtake: 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – Last Call For An Aged Spirit


After enjoying a mid-day Tuesday movie followed by a refreshing extra dry vodka martini at Alma Nove on my day off, I stepped out to lay eyes on this nondescript Cutlass Supreme sedan. I say nondescript, because my first thought was that it was in remarkable condition for a nearly 30-year old car. Of course, my mildly vodka-influenced brain was harking back to the W-body Cutlass Supreme coupe’s initial release back in 1987, and not the sedan’s 1990 introduction, or 1992 facelift like what turned out to be this 1997.


Either way, the W-body Cutlass Supreme was produced for a total of eleven model years in a single generation — an excessively long period for any car, let alone a mainstream midsize car (of course, nothing compared to its Cutlass Ciera stablemate’s 15-year generation). So while this black sedan is only a 19-year-old car, its styling is based on design that’s ten years older, making it seem all the more antiquated.

I need not divulge more into the details on this Cutlass, as it’s been documented at Curbside Classic before. But I should add that these W-body (or “GM10” to some) Cutlass Supremes are becoming quite rare in coastal Massachusetts, and ones without significant signs of use and abuse are getting as hard to find as a pearl in an oyster.

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