CC Capsule: VW Adventurewagen – So Cal’s Version Of The Westfalia


For those of you back East still recovering from a week of bad weather, here’s a shot of sunny Southern California, complete with a local resident. We’re all familiar with the VW Westfailia pop-up campers, but this Southern California conversion uses a more American approach: a solid fiberglass cap fitted over a Vanagon roof.


There were several labels on the cap identifying this camper as an Adventurewagen. A quick Google check shows the company built VW-based campers for over twenty years (along with other van conversions), but now appears to be out of business.

Back in November of 2013, reader Dan S made a comment about Adventurewagens in one of our Car Show Classics article. Dan said he once owned a 1982 model, and that he had driven it to Alaska and back. Well, Dan…


…this Adventurewagen appears to have made the same trip. Could it be the same truck? Volkswagen buses are known for their toughness, and it appears the Adventurewagen lives up to the reputation. While the Alaska Highway is now mostly paved, LA to Fairbanks is still a 7,200 mile round trip.

In conclusion, it’s an interesting vehicle, and suitable for a major road trip. If Dan S or any other reader can share their experiences behind the wheel of an Adventurewagen, we’d love to hear your thoughts!