CC Cinema: Framing John DeLorean – A Mini Review

Today’s DeLorean review reminded me that I saw the documentary “Framing John DeLorean” earlier this year. There were the inevitable historical automotive mistakes early on, and some of the meta scenes with Alec Baldwin moving in and out of character didn’t do much for me. But I did get increasingly engrossed, and found it to be quite good in achieving the nigh-near impossible goal of trying to “frame” or pin down the chimeric and highly fluid personality of John DeLorean.

The result of that effort is not exactly pretty. Although legally exonerated, there’s no doubt that DeLorean played it fast and loose once his ego was hyper-inflamed from his success with the Pontiac GTO. I like to give him credit for his early engineering work at Packard and Pontiac, but once he went all-in indulging his ego, he increasingly lost me. Yes, he saw and called out GM management for what it was. But that’s not to say he could have actually done a whole lot better either. The DMC saga makes that painfully clear.

That was doomed from the get-go. I watched it play out in real time, and was a skeptic. Too much over-promising and hype. The final product was half-baked and seriously compromised. It never had a chance of genuine success on the market.

The whole thing was just a giant ruse to hype investors, and the funds were blatantly misused by DeLorean and Chapman, another sleaze ball. DeLorean’s later years are just sad…but he got what was coming. Karma.

If it hadn’t been for “Back To The Future”, the DeLorean would be near-forgotten, a slightly slicker Bricklin.

It appears to be available currently on Netflix.