CC Clue



We had two clues yesterday.  On Clue No. 1 we had a grand total of two guesses, one of them correct.  Congrats to FM who correctly identified the ’82 Town Car.  He gave himself a little wiggle room with multiple models and years, but they would have all shared this bumper.  Good job.

As for Clue No. 2, there were more guesses.  GN was there right out of the box with the ’71 LTD dash.  He (she?) must have some “inside experience.”

Now, then.  Today’s clue:  is this the final grand flourish of Lincoln Week?  Guess correctly and you can be a star.  Go out on the town in your car.  Celebrate by going dancing and doing the Continental, even.  Had enough?  Of course, it is always possible that we have concluded Lincoln Week, to the great relief of Carmine and many others.  So, it is always possible that this is not a Lincoln at all.