CC Capsule: 1985 Lincoln Continental – Mr. Droopy Drawers


For all I know, the Fox-based Continental was a joy to drive. Tom Klockau certainly has fond memories of the one his grandparents owned, the story of which he told yesterday (read it here). I’m no stranger to having rose-colored glasses for a car; after all, I have fond memories of my dad’s Oleg Cassini Matador (story here). But having always looked upon these Continentals from afar, I always thought they were a major misstep – a wannabe and a pretender, nothing more than a heavily gussied-up Fairmont.


This one, of course, has the droopy rear end that became this car’s signature look by the time they were showing up on the last-chance used-car lots. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these with its butt held high.


The empty gallon jug of Hawaiian Punch by the driver’s door adds class. It says more about the decline of my neighborhood than about the car, though. (I took these photos at the grocery store around the corner from my home.) I’m not 100% sure about this Continental’s year but it’s from no earlier than 1984 as it has the front clip from that year’s design refresh.