CC Retroactive – Independence Day Edition

Well, somehow we at CC let the U.S.A.’s Independence Day on July 4th go by with nary a notice.  Yes, we have a worldwide audience here but we ought to recognize one of the home team holidays.  Your editorial team was undoubtedly too full of hot dogs and apple pie to make it to a keyboard on the holiday by the time we noticed that we had a full day of European automobiles for your consideration.  Not that there is anything wrong with cars from Europe.  And, I suppose you could say that the British and Germans did play a part in America’s independence – though (ahem) not necessarily in the most desirable way.

Better late than never is the old saying, and it is in that spirit we bring you something a little more in keeping with our July 4th holiday, while maintaining the international flavor (flavour?) of yesterday’s posts.  We saw this unique Citroen in the basement of the Lane Motor Museum during last summer’s CC outing and I thought it might be a worthwhile addition to things here as we in the States all get back to work.  A different kind of Citroen Ami?   Or a big can of Franco American?  Carry on.  Or should I say continuer?