Neighborhood Outtake: Chevy Suburban – Have These Finally Become Collectable?

We’ve got two big features today, so we’ll just take a short break with this long Surburban I saw down the street the other morning. Nothing earth shattering or exciting, like Roger’s Gordon Keeble, but as I told you, I’m documenting the CCs I see in a 5-6 block radius. And these aren’t getting commoner either.

And this one is in exceptional shape. Are they becoming collectible?

I can’t peg the exact year, but it’s certainly towards the end of its very long life (1973-1991). It overlapped the new generation of pickups by a number of years. Why GM didn’t invest in a new Suburban is a bit hard to say, except maybe it was purely a matter of prioritizing their development/tooling investment dollars, given how the mid-late 80s were a time of many new car introductions at GM, and many/most had bad starts, like the GM-10 fiasco. Meanwhile, what else were folks going to buy? There was nothing like the Suburban on the market, and I don’t have time to look up the stats, my guess is its sales were better then aver during the latter part of its long run. It had become the soccer-mommy-mobile of choice in Texas, and that phenomena was spreading quickly.

Those 15″ wheels and tires sure look tiny from today’s vantage point.