CC Foreclosure Miniature Classic: Matchbox International Scout Field Car


Some time ago I posted about a Dodge Ram 250 Pickup that was abandoned at a foreclosure that I purchased and am finally getting started on fixing (The house, not the truck).  Well, it turns out that was not the only thing that was abandoned at the property…


After clearing out a 30cu.yd. dumpster worth of junk and getting started on the rehab work, I was clambering around in the rafters of the garage through an access hole in the drywall ceiling and found a few boxes.  One of the boxes contained correspondence from the owner PRIOR the one upon whom the property was foreclosed, along with about sixty Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.  Score!  Some are still in the original packaging, but must were loose and contained in a carrying case for protection.  I snagged the ones in the best condition, along with those which most interested me, and let my two young boys loose on most of the rest.


This is a reissue of the original 1969 Matchbox (Lesney) production which dates to 1974 and was “Made In England”.  It is in remarkable condition for being 40 years old and looks great on my windowsill along with some others that I may feature here.  I know there are a lot of fans of the Scout here so figured I would start with this one.


I’m still getting used to shooting tiny things like this close up and need to perfect my skills a bit, so I am sorry if the focus is a bit off on some of these.  I found the Macro setting and have been playing with that…