Foreclosure Classic: 1986 Dodge Ram Pickup – Not Exactly The Cobra In The Barn…


Along with my day job, I also frequent the County Trustee’s office every Wednesday when something interesting comes up in the weekly housing foreclosure auction.  To fix and keep to rent out or to resell, every time is something of an adventure as when buying there, it is very much like buying a pig in a poke…

The house this time was nothing spectacular but was the largest one I’ve bought yet, it was abandoned and I sort of got to look around the outside of it before auction time.  However, I fully assumed the brown truck parked on the side belonged to the neighbor who also has an older truck parked on his strip of sideyard.  Imagine my surprise when the neighbor told me, no, that truck belongs to the house you bought!


Well, I started thinking and then looked into it more and finally came to the conclusion that it was not worth saving.  Apparently it had been towed to the spot it sits in six years ago when the unlucky prior owner of the house moved in and has not moved since.

Without keys or title, it is a monumental hassle to secure a title to an abandoned car in Colorado.  The easiest thing to do will be for me to call the Loveland Police Department and report it as an abandoned vehicle and they will have it towed.  If anyone out there wants it, come and get it, I have not called the PD yet….


I am not well versed in Mopar history, but I know it is a 1986 model and the engine looks to be the 318c.i. V8.  The interior is filled with junk (just like the house was), as well as the bed under the shell.


It seems like it has lived a somewhat hard life with a few knocks along the way, but still looks somewhat rugged and handsome.  I could visualize it cruising down a graveled county road with a dust plume behind it, maybe some Glen Campbell on the tapedeck…


I believe the color is Walnut Brown Metallic Clearcoat, it’s actually a color I could see making a comeback.  I thought the truck would smell bad with all the stuff in it, but the door was unlocked and it just smells like old American vehicle, not bad, certainly better than the house!


The shell is an older aluminum (?) one, it has a couple of small holes but seems to be keeping the rain out. There is not really any rust on the truck, Colorado is fairly kind to cars and does not use salt on the roads.


Anyway, I guess I need to get it hauled away sooner or later, it’s kind of a shame but not a project I can tackle now…well, the truck maybe, but not the local government paperwork to make it mine.