CC Humor: How’s Your Auto-Shop Waiting Room?

As good as it gets…


Herewhileback, as my Arkie father-in-law used to say, I was luxuriating in the waiting, uh, not really a room as it only has one wall, so, uh, spot, of my local preferred tire shop getting new shoes on the whip and it hit me, I needed to share this with you.

I know that this series of pics will inspire massive desire, lustful ruminations, and possibly a flurry of home-for-sale listings and frenzied U-Haul rentals as you try to relocate here because you were brought to tears by the beauty, joy, sophistication, and sheer technical automotive perfection that is a Madera, California tire shop waiting room.  Let’s dive right in!

3rd class seating section. Plinkers only.


You’ll notice right away that I paid for the DeLux seating section, with my fancy-pants ex-barbershop chair.  Notice the cushiness of the super #1 happy foam cushions!  I always pay extra for the DeLux chair since the 3rd class section, around the corner, has cloth seating that, frankly, disturbs my dreams with visions of rare burrowing insects and unknown incurable diseases.


View from the captains chair, Scotty, beam me down more sanitizer!


See those darkish clouds scudding along the sky?  That’s what we call “Old Man Winter” here.  When you move here, soon I imagine after seeing this blissful photo-essay, I’ll let you drag one of the 3rd class chairs over by mine so we can enjoy the unparalleled, world-class, California scenic view and bask in the radiant seasons.


Wheels? Where we are going we don’t need no wheels!


The workmanship here is actually quite decent.  And the low low prices will warm the cockles of your heart, which is one of the main draws for me, a known skinflint.  Plus they are fast!  Guys are jacking your car up before you even pop the door open!  (though, admittedly, that can happen here in front of your house at 1am)  You, my friend, are missing out.