Car Show Classics: It’s All About MG (And More), Part 2

Continuing from last week’s report of the MG meeting, enter the post for more photos of MGs and classics in general.


As time moved on, the meeting continued to take shape with classic cars appearing in all sorts and types:

This Kadett was Opel’s first true hatchback, and caught my eye as I drive its much younger descendant, the Astra.

This Comet should be familier to some of you – after all, you’ve met it here before. Maybe one of the few cars here that’s being used regularly.

And of course, there’s always an Israeli Sabra in such meetings, particularly at this one, which is the central 5 Club meeting.

The two Anglias drove back and forth until they settled on a parking spot…

… Just behind the Firebird, as did the Sabra. The Pontiac looks like a doorman compared to these tiny British cars.

You get all sorts at these meetings, even future classics like this Ferrari. And as I turned away, I saw something really rare:

I can’t remember if I ever saw an Allante before, and if I did, it was undoubtedly so long ago it doesn’t matter by now. This again is a new import to Israel (they were never imported here in their day).

I had to take a photo of the futuristic dials and vast array of buttons, and as you can see- they’re all turned off, naturally. But then the owner returned to move the car to a better spot:

Whoa! Now that’s impressive, a spaceship from the 1980s.

Another Cadillac arrived and cased somewhat of a traffic jam. No wonder when you’re almost six meters long and more than two meters wide.

As you can see, Israeli modifications go any way you want, either with black paint touches or even with wedding-car ornaments. Curious.

A tasty ’69 Firebird arrived on the scene…

… And straight away did a u-turn in search of a parking spot, having found out all the close spots were already full.

That 70′ Chevelle got the idea up front and headed to the nearby parking area. This generation is my personal favorite among the GM A-bodies.

You may recall this Checker, which was “unveiled” to the public after end of restoration last year. Good to see it out and about.

You can always count on Corvettes to be seen in such meetings. Recent years have seen an unprecedented increase in C3s and C4s, so by now they’ve become relatively common for a car that was never imported to Israel officially. There’s a joke among the local Corvette club, saying that for every single Corvette imported back in its day, over fifty survived…

After years of importing and driving classics in an original state, finally Israelis have started modifying their cars. This Z is a good example and in my opinion, done with taste.

All the while MGs, specifically MGBs, kept arriving. Such as this “in your face” yellow example.

Yes, it’s purple.

Here’s a nice example of what is mentioned repeatedly on CC, how cars have evolved and changed over the years; compare the difference between these two Cadillacs above, some thirty-five year between them.

Even two Porsches managed to find their way into the meeting – once again these are cars that were never imported to Israel in their day (although are being imported regularly for almost ten years now).

Here’s a car I used to see a lot when I was growing up in the 1980s but is no more common. Very few of this Autobianchi A112 survived.

But now it was time to head over to the MG gathering area, as the 1972 MGB was about to be unveiled:

Once again, this car was imported only recently into Israel but the restoration took place here. Turned out nice, don’t you think?

We’ve come to the end of the meeting, but as I was heading out I found another proof as to how these events gather all sorts of cars, or in this case- aircrafts: