CC In Scale: Part 4 – Sixties Chevy Car Show

’60 Chevy Pickup.


One thing I have discovered in looking at car shows is the need to limit what I look at. Whether it’s new car shows, hot rod shows, car club runs, or whatever. For there comes a time when I just get tired of looking. It’s the same with virtual shows online. I’m lucky if I can scan through fifty pics before feeling exhausted. Just too much to take in.

’69 Nova – graphics by Holden, LC Torana.


I know some of you would like to see ‘everything’, but take it from me, that’s not feasible. And even if it were technically possible, someone has to put a brake on that kind of extravagance. Rich Baron suggested Chevy, and once I started looking, I quickly thought I’d better limit myself to a decade, and be selective even then. So, here’s a random stroll through some sixties Chevys. We’ll have a chat about various things along the way.

Fear not, fans of other marques, your time will come. Will it ever….!

’68 Corvair – I did say random.


Now, I’ll say upfront, I don’t have ‘one of everything’. Some cars were never made as kits, and some old kits have never been reissued. Conversely, others just hang around like a bad smell. Some companies tool up for new, better-detailed kits of old favourites. And some subjects just plain never interested me. On the other hand, some grab my attention to an extreme degree. Like that ’60 Chevy pickup. Or the second-gen Corvair. Or ’58 Edsels. Or A-body Mopars. I could go on.

’60 Chevy.


I seem especially drawn to cars I saw as a child, or cars I remember being new during those formative years.

’61 Chevy Convertible.


In my country, any American car is an eye-catcher. And the sixties ones usually looked just right.

’62 Chevy.


’63 Chevy.


The ’63 was the result of a paint experiment. It really pops in the sunlight.

’63 Chevy.


Another paint experiment on the same kit. With a green interior, to add a bit more visual interest.

’64 Chevy.


’66 Chevy.


One of my favourite colours, nineties Ford Australia Everglade. Sometimes I get set on a particular colour, and tend to use it too often. Off the top of my head, I can think of five other sixties cars I’ve used this colour on. I wasn’t sure about the particular shade of blue I used for the interior with this, but it works for me.

(Hang on, we skipped a year! But a ’65 is in the works…)

’66 Chevelle Wagon.


No, there wasn’t a ’66 SS396 wagon, but why should that stop me?

’67 Impala.


Street machine version, further modified.

’65 Corvette.


Let’s finish up with a 1965 Corvette. Sitting a bit low, I know. I got this kit with a few bits missing, so substituted some spares I had on hand.


Next time: What does he have on display? Part One!